Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Invasion of the tiny foods!

I have always been a fan of tiny things, but tiny plastic foods are my favorite minuscule creations. Tiny Cravings and Pukashell on Etsy have perfected the art of crafting tiny treats for use in jewelry and crafts! I absolutely love the minute details in these tiny pieces of art. Check out the realistic texture of the cake, the tiny orange and lemon slices, and the miniature icing piping! Unbelievable attention to detail is what sets these two artists apart from the others, because, believe it or not, the art of making tiny foods is a big business and there are tons of copycats out there! Tiny Cravings came to my attention two years ago, when I came across one of her cupcake charms on her Deviantart, from which I followed a link to her Website to find a charming world of tiny sweet things! Pukashell is a great craftswoman of tiny cakes, her skill is amazing! Check out her Etsy Shop to see what I mean!

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