Thursday, March 4, 2010

Your daily dose of adorable. Happy Spring!

Since it is springtime now, and the baby animals are coming out to play, I thought I would share with you my favorite baby animal photos that I have collected from "teh interwebz" throughout the years. There is a baby bunny chilling on my lawn as we speak! Long live spring! :)
Jerboa! (look at it's little nose!)Baby red pandas!Baby Platypus!Momongas! They're Japanese flying squirrels!
Some sort of Australian cute thing :)
Awww. Baby Emperor Penguin!Pangolins!Baby Hummingbird :)Awww :) Hippo baby!Fennec Foxes!Baby Hamster!
hehe its a slothlet!

Ok, I know that was totally cliche, but sometimes you just need to bathe in the cuteness! :) Happy Spring!

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  1. This has gotta be the cutest collection of baby animal photos. And it does reinforce the notion I've had for a long time that nearly all creatures are cute when they're infants.