Monday, February 22, 2010

Cakewrecks :)

Sometimes a site comes around that will actually make you laugh so hard you cry. Cakewrecks is one of those rare sites. The concept is simple, it is a site dedicated to documenting the terrible travesties that try to pass themselves off as professional cakes. No amateur cakes are accepted, these have to be cakes that people have ordered from bakeries, paid for, and brought home only to open up the box and come face to face with the horrors inside. I don't care who you are, this site will make you laugh, and you will wonder which horrible bakers thought that these were acceptable products. Here is Cakewrecks' Blog, and some excellent examples of cake failures.Perhaps this is a fat yellow dinosaur holding a severed human ear? Next to an angry yellow pile of crap? Ohh, its a bear and a honeycomb. Riiiight.

Thankfully this was probably a snake cake meant for a little boy, so the grosser the better in his opinion. I hope.

Happy Valentines Day sweetie :) I got you a colon cake.

Wow, Clowns must REAAALLLY love cupcakes.

Only one word comes to mind, and that word is: Tasteful!

Happy Birthday little Billy! Have a masturbating clown cupcake!

We all know that clowns ride poo monsters in races. Common knowledge.

Yes they do.

Wow, musta been one hell of a delivery!

No jokes, this is the most frightening thing I've ever seen. hahaha. Oh my god.

ANNNND ONE MORE FOR GOOD MEASURE.... If you can figure this out I bow down to you. This is supposed to be a Fathers Day cake... is it a car? a grill? an angry mailbox robot? You decide.
PS. Don't try to decipher the one white dot on the bottom cupcake for too long, your brain will explode.

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