Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Beyond Wonderland!

After venturing out to Nocturnal Festival last year, I have been hooked on these events! Some people call them raves, some people call them music festivals, but everyone who goes understands what I mean when I say you have to experience it for yourself! Beyond Wonderland is the next installment of Insomniac's guranteed-fun events, and I am so excited to go! On the eve of Tim Burton's highly anticipated "Alice in Wonderland" movie release, people are going crazy for anything inspired by Lewis Carroll's iconic fairy tale. Held at the same gigantic venue as Nocturnal Festival, the sprawling grounds in San Bernadino provide the ideal place to dance outside, lay on the grass and walk around without getting claustrophobic. I am not a fan of indoor events where people seem squished together and the venue gets too warm to be fun.

Everyone gets in on the performance, whether by dancing, participating in a light show, or painting on the open-to-everyone glow-paint graffiti wall. There will be stilt walkers, aereal acrobats, fire performers and of course, lots and lots of art and music! See you there!

Beyond Wonderland Official Site

Here are a few pics from my last visit to this venue!

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