Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hidden L.A.

Hidden L.A. is one of my favorite websites. It is dedicated to the pursuit and publication of all that is awesome in Los Angeles. Their awesome tagline is "embracing the depth beneath the shallow", a perfect description of my feelings for LA! They have reviews of bars, BBQ Joints, Music Venues, even hiking trails. The only qualifier to be included in the site is that the places reviewed have to be relatively unknown to the public. Everyone knows about Pink's hot dogs, but have you ever been to Chroni's? Aardvarks is famous for it's vintage clothing, but have you heard of Snootie Seconds or Its A Wrap (a vintage store that sells cast off costumes from TV shows and movies- there's even a tag telling you the name of the actor who wore it, and what show or movie you can spot it in!) I LOVE German food, and am very excited to try the Red Lion Tavern and Wurstkuche after so many people have recommended them on Hidden LA's facebook page. Their FB wall acts as a sort of public forum where people share tips relating to their favorite things to do in LA, and its always interesting to see what people are buzzing about at the minute. Take a look at their facebook pages, one is Hidden LA, and one is Hidden LA Foodie Forum, and check out their legit Website. On a similar note, there is a Hidden Orange County Foodie Forum too, and although it's not as extensive, it's still fun to read!

Be sure to check out their reviews of movies about LA, they just did one on "Riot on Sunset Strip", here's a clip, a true Gem! haha, the interpretave dancing and butt-bearing yoga stretches just kill me every time....

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