Thursday, February 18, 2010

Loretta Lux

Born in Dresden, Germany, Loretta Lux is a semi-well-known photographer who takes child portraiture to a new level. I've been a Loretta Lux fan for some years now, her photographs capture something ethereal about childhood, but the perfection in her photos is somehow slightly disturbing. It is hard to say what you feel when you examine a Loretta Lux photo, but I always have a vague mistrust of what my eyes are seeing and what my brain is interpreting. The lighting is too perfect, the children are slightly odd, their blue eyes are just a tiny bit too wide. There is something unnerving about all that perfection, and something just a little bit subversive in the presentation of a flawless product. Take a look for yourself and see what I mean! Here's a link to her Website, check it out periodically, because it features updates regarding her upcoming shows (there are none scheduled at the moment, but lets keep our fingers crossed that her work will come to Southern California soon!)

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