Monday, October 4, 2010

Every family has one, an awkward portrait from days past, perhaps a father-son matching mullet shot, or a color coordinated tie-dye sibling gem from the 80's. How about a watermelon themed summer portrait? Well, when we were in high school, all we had to worry about was that our parents would dig up these lovely little pieces of history and show them to our perspective dates. Since the invention of the internet (and the scanner), these ego-killers have made their way around the "interwebz" and congregated in a wonderful little site called Please do yourself a favor and take a look, you'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll lock your embarrassing photos in a solid steel safe.

Ho ho ho! Merrry Sexmas! (These poor kids are gonna be scarred for life)
Oh Easter: time of eggs, baskets, and frightening furries
Not-So-Smooth Criminal... with... Jazz Hands!
Look at those realistic-looking "tribespeople"
What a pretty little prince! Who wants to bet this pic is gonna show up on a big screen at this guys bachelor party.
As my friend said when he saw this photo "You say ficus, I say fetus"

Ye merry men and ladies of sherwood forest! Lark about and make music!

I have to include in closing that whenever I look at things like this on the internet for extended lengths of time, I am reminded by my close friends that I am being an internet filter feeder (with accompanying sucking noises)... :) Happy filter feeding!

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