Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Chill out with Creative Ice!

It's Summer now, and it's getting HOT! For your next garden party, or even just dinner with friends, break out some interesting ice to cool down the drinks! You won't believe how much your guests appreciate the little things that make your parties unique, and they'll be talking about it afterwords, especially if you pick ice molds that make a splash!

Here are my favorite picks for creative ice cube trays, enjoy!

With Vampire mania running amok, I can't help but be excited by these vampire teeth ice trays... I'm a fan of anything vampire related (True Blood, Twilight, Blade, Interview with the Vampire, or anything Anne Rice)... But these ice trays aren't for the faint of heart, especially if you serve them in a red drink! Make sure your guests have a strong constitution before serving them something cringe-worthy! :) Buy them here

These jewel-shaped ice cubes are so perfect for a girls night, engagement party, or even a gangster-themed party! I love the different "cuts" of the cubes! Buy here

Well, I don't know about you, but I was a massive Titanic fan back in the day, when Leonardo DeCaprio was still cute. :) I suggest these "Gin and Titonic" ice trays for a Titanic viewing party! Haha, my favorite part of the mold is that it includes a little iceburg too :) Nothing colder than that! Zing! Buy here

I can't lie, I LOVE these bullet ice cubes. Especially because the little ice cube tray looks like a magazine clip. So rad! Want to make a deadly drink? Here's your chance :) Buy here

I can't lie, I'm obsessed with Hello Kitty. :) I love these 3-Dimensional Hello Kitty ice cubes! I ordered these a few days ago, and I plan on making Hello Kitty-shaped jello shots for my birthday party haha. Arent they just adorable though!? Buy here

I love the Stones. I love drinking. This my friends, is a match made in heaven. Buy here

Seriously, most brilliant idea ever. Han Solo frozen in Carbonite Ice Tray. With matching R2D2 Ice bucket. :) So much win. I haven't found the actual site that sells them, but original post is here

So super cute! Little ice-koi that swim around your drink! Love it! Buy it here

Here's my idea for these, freeze sweetened espresso and chocolate in these little coffee-bean molds, and drop them into a glass of cold milk! They'd also be the perfect addition to a White Russian :) Buy here

For the Mad Scientist in all of us! Everyone wants a little bit of brains in their drink? No? Just me? Well all right then. You have to admit, they'd make one hell of a Halloween drink! Buy here

You gotta love these Easter Island Statue ice molds, they're so monolithic! Plus, if nobody knew any better, they'd make an excellent addition to an outdoor Tiki party! :) Buy here

Well, there are tons more on the interwebz, if you get curious and want to shop around, I found Ice Trays in the shapes of Stewey from Family Guy, Homer Simpson, The Yellow Submarine from the Beatles album, Peace Signs, Hearts, Stars, Dolphins, Penguins, Mice, The Alphabet and pretty much anything else you could imagine!

Have fun and stay cool!

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